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Learn underwater photography and capture the fascination of the awe-inspiring world beneath blue waters of the ocean. I teach photo classes to fit everyone's level from the casual point and shoot to the serious photographer using anything from disposable camera's to digital and housed camera systems. Learn how to get the best image possible and have fun at the same time.

All Photo Classes are taught by Michael Strong. Michael has been a educator in the Graphic Design and Photography field for over 20 years and a PADI Master Instructor for over 10 years. Michael uses his creative, technical and educational skills to help you achieve success and take pictures you will be proud of.

Classes are offered as a group or individually and can set up to fit any schedule.
e-mail me for more info: mike@michaelstrong.com

Underwater Photography Classes:
PADI Underwater Photographer Specialty

Non-PADI courses:
Intro to Digital Photography
Intro to Adobe Photoshop
Creative Underwater Photography with Adobe Photoshop

Here is just a sample of what Photoshop can do.
This photo was corrected in with 3 easy steps.


Raw Digital Photo
anon Powershot A-20

Digital Photo After Adjustments
in Adobe Photoshop

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